Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the biggest killer in the world. With a worldwide survival rate of less than 5%, SCA claims more than 17,500,000 lives each year. The small fraction who do survive and leave the hospital have a 80% chance of surviving the first year but only a 50% chance of survival to five years.
For these survivors, to have died and been brought back to life is indeed challenging. About 40% suffer significant brain damage and another 25% some cognitive deficit. Unfortunately, there are no standardized care plans to assist these individuals and their partners, caregivers, family and friends upon discharge from hospital. They tend to get lumped in with stroke victims, Parkinson’s sufferers, cardiac patients, etc. As a SCA survivor myself, I felt this simply wasn’t good enough and decided to write this book.

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A Guide for Survivors, Care Givers, Family and Friends

This book examines what a SCA is, available treatments, the care team you may need to aid your recovery, how to process the grief, and remake yourself into the best you can be. It also assists those around you with a better understanding of what this ‘new normal’ is going to be like for them and offers tips on how to handle their new situation. It is a comprehensive guide for every person in your new life.


This book is FREE to everyone, but if you can afford a donation, they will be kindly received. All proceeds will go to keeping this website active and adding new information as it comes to hand. What is left over will go towards the purchase of important AED equipment for tourist hotspots around the world. Please give whatever you feel the book is worth to you or whatever you can afford. All donations will be greatly appreciated. And who knows, the life you end up saving could be that of a loved one or someone you know. Thank you so much!

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Morris W. Shanahan as born in the small Washington village of Midland, under the shadow of Mt. Rainier. He graduated with a BA in Psychology from Western Washington University, a Masters from the University of Canterbury, and commenced his PhD through LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia, before his life was majorly interrupted by the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011.

In 2018 he suffered a SCA while visiting New York City. He has since been in recovery and hopes to once again resume his lecturing and raising awareness of SCA. He wrote this book as he felt there was no one resource for SCA survivors, or their loved ones, to get the information they need to help their recovery.